It’s been a long day of four days being out of town, again, this summer. And sitting down, looking out of the hotel window, I felt like writing a little.

It’s been really difficult adjusting to my new position (and preparing for my permanent one for this Fall.) One of the key traits for even interviewing for the new job was my honesty and humbleness, both of which have been reiterated to me by the district, regional and culinary management. It’s a promise I’ve kept. I often think of this clip with Danny Devito a lot, too. I think about my recent guest post at Gay Degani’s webpage, Journey To Planet Write.

How honest have I been with myself in my lifetime? How much have I truly lived for what I want from life? There is always so much more out there in the universe, in the world, to offer. I watched Terrance Malick’s latest movie recently, The Knight of Cups. I wish I could’ve found the children’s book from the beginning that the protagonist’s father reads to him. But it is loosely based on the Pilgrim’s Progress allegory by John Bunyan. Bon Iver releases a new album next month, announced at his 2nd annual music festival. I went to the inaugural one last year in Wisconsin, too.

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