A New, Old Hope

Recently found some really old fiction and poetry work from over ten years ago on my hard drive. I thought for sure it’d been lost between computers over the years. Fact is, I just hadn’t looked hard enough. There’s even a poetry chapbook and a nonsensical novella story in there. A graphic novel outline and partial script. Gems, just gems.

Here’s one about the Challenger spaceship disaster and tragedy from the eighties that I wrote about and how influential it was to me as a kid.



To Karen:

rather reports our astronaut ended the Cold War this morning

in the classroom watching on T.V. a teacher cries.

she is a student.

take seconds, like the rest of us.

now take minutes, the teacher is


while the six-year-old in the room half finishes a

rocket ship with Crayola

that will and has never


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