Me_FlierMy first publicly published fiction was seen in a five-issue high school, black & white ‘zine my senior year. Kent State’s Luna Negra published my first poem while I was a student there and by 2007, several online and print journals had picked up my fiction including Muse & Stone, Hobart, and Penumbra. In my heart, I’d become a fiction writer. I started Burning River in 2008 as a listing on Duotrope as a literary annual. In 2009, the site published its first of 8 chapbooks under my discretion. In the winter of 2014, I turned the site in another direction and set it’s priorities back again as a blog and vehicle for my own personal writing.  Raised throughout the Midwest and parts of Ohio, much of my perspective of the world is forged through this perspective and lense, through haystacks and rolling farmland, as well as post-industrial America. I have a crushing sadness and reverence for humanity in my heart, a curiosity for life’s truest experiences and emotion, and much of my fiction is short and blunt, much like me. But oftentimes, it is also observant, respectful, and surprising…thanks for visiting.


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