Raised throughout the Midwest and parts of Ohio, much of my perspective of the world is forged through this perspective and lense, through haystacks and rolling farmland, as well as post-industrial America. I have a crushing sadness and reverence for humanity in my heart, a curiosity for life’s truest experiences and emotion, and much of my fiction is short and blunt like me. But oftentimes, it is also observant, respectful, and surprising. Thanks for visiting.



Short Stories

‘All Nails & Boards,’ The Rusty Nail

‘The Moth Burning,’ Penumbra

‘Her Happy Ending,’ Everyday Genius

‘Physic’s Law Of Attraction,’ Riverbabble

‘As It’s Still Raining On Mars,’ Muse & Stone

‘How We Are Alone,’ The New Yinzer Fiction

‘I Speak Spanish From The Tops of Pyramids,’ Hobart Online

‘Stepping Down Like Stepping On Water Lilies,’ Leaf Garden

‘The Whisper In The Church, The Flicker Of The Candle There,’ Fast Forward Press

‘What Drives South,’ Everyday Genius

‘From Erie To Eden With Friends,’ Blue Print Review

‘The Flowers Were For This,’ Ginosko Literary Journal

‘The Pitch,’ Ginosko Literary Journal

‘The Farmers of Shangri-La,’ Stirring

‘Feathers,’ Revolution John


We Were Giants, Sunnyoutside Press. Fall, 2013.

When I Return To You, I Will Be Unfed, self-published novella. Spring, 2016.

Book Reviews

Rosalie Morales Kearns’ Virgins & Tricksters, Carbon-based Lifeform Blues

i am here And You are Gone by Shome Dasgupta, Ringside Reviews

Compendium by Kristina Marie Darling, Gloom Cupboard

Fractured West #3, Prick of the Spindle

Four Sparks Fall by T.A. Noonan, Flash Fiction Chronicles

Music Reviews

Bon Iver, The Stems Project, Ringside Reviews


Rebecca Steel-Visual Artist, Gloom Cupboard

Christopher Bowen, Speaking of Marvels

Christopher Bowen, Flash Fiction Chronicles

Michael Fitzgerald-Submittable, Flash Fiction Chronicles

Jeffrey Lependorf-CLMP, Flash Fiction Chronicles


‘To Grow From The Ground-Up: On Becoming A Grassroots Author,’ The Review Review

‘My Very Best Character,’ Journey to Planet Write

Journalism/Marketing Work

The CookBook, Sundress Academy for the Arts intern

C.A.N. Journal volunteer

Luna Negra, Kent State University

Kent Stater Student Newspaper, Kent State University


Resident Writer, International Writers’ and Artists’ Residency

Val-David, Quebec. October, 2011


Pittsburgh Small Press Fair, 2009

AWP Washington, D.C., 2011

Buffalo Small Press Fair, 2012

Conversations & Connections 2012 Washington, D.C.; 2014 Pittsburgh


Toledo, Ohio

Uncloistered Reading Series

Denver, Colorado

FBomb Reading Series, Flash Fiction Festival

Cleveland, Ohio

Mac’s Backs Bookstore
Visible Voice Bookstore
Morgan Conservatory of Art & Papermaking
Mindfair Bookstore
Guide to Kulchur Bookstore

Ypsi, Michigan

Madhouse Sessions

Chicago, Illinois

Reading Under the Influence Series

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The New Yinzer Presents
Pittsburgh Small Press Fair
Pittsburgh Small Press Summit Reading

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

Paper Kite Press Studios

New York City, New York

Fast Forward Anthology Release Reading
Sparks Art Center

Fall 2013 Book Tour

Philadelphia-Brandywine Workshop
Baltimore-Minas Gallery-Town Hall Series
Washington, D.C.-Barrelhouse Presents
Boston-Out of the Blue Art Gallery
NYC-Mellow Pages Library

Summer 2015 Author Tour

L.A.-Tongue & Groove
San Francisco-Alley Cat Books
Portland-VFW Post 134

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