When I Return To You, I Will Be Unfed



When I Return To You, I Will Be Unfed is a poignant, gritty exploration of mental illness and one man’s search for safe haven. Bowen’s unflinching prose grips the reader and doesn’t let go until the final, perfect beat of narrative. This book may be short in length, but it will remain with the reader long after it ends.

~James Claffey, author of Blood a Cold Blue

This is a quiet though powerful tale of the vagaries of the human spirit in the face of physical , emotional and spiritual opposition. The juxtaposition of nature and medicine as the subtext of healing our lives is handled with sensitive finesse. The power of a great story without gimmick or emotional manipulation is both a rare and beautiful thing to experience.

~Michelle Reale, author and Associate Professor at Arcadia University

Christopher Bowen wrings more meaning from a sentence than most writers do from whole stories. This richly complex story brings Bowen’s linguistic skills to bear on psychology and personal trauma, crafting a narrative both deeply emotional and intellectual. Every line bears layered meaning, playing on the narrator’s complicated view of himself and his world. In this way, Bowen has managed to write a story that feels like a novel.

~Sam Snoek-Brown, author of Box Cutters and the forthcoming Where There Is Ruin



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